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Technology connections video on portable air conditioners and why not to use them

burninate | Posted in Mechanicals on
I checked my Home Depot and 6/6 of the portables they carry are 1-hose units.  These are pathological in a summertime version of the way most fireplaces are pathological – they suck hot outdoor air into the house by depressurizing it, in order to exhaust hotter air. and thus slightly cool the interior.

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  1. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #1

    There are other sources besides Home Depot. The two-hose units aren’t particularly uncommon, but they do tend to cost more. I’ve used these units many times for emergency or supplemental cooling for small sever rooms for clients at work. The two-hose units work FAR better.

    The on-hose units are a cheap option for homeowners that don’t know about their limitations, and those limitations are rather severe.


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