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Thank you helping me build this pantry

Hammer 🔨 | Posted in General Questions on

Thanks for everyone’s help, answering all my questions I was able to build this closet.  Not perfect but good for my first time.  I put my shims in to level door and now have a small gap.  The whole frame is so narrow don’t want to add too much more to cover gap.  Is there some kind of filler I can use, or some thin piece of molding that would look good here, picture attached

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  1. Expert Member
    Zephyr7 | | #1

    Building stuff gets easier as you gain experience. Everyone on here had t I start somewhere :-)

    You might try some of the D profile weatherstripping between those doors. The “right” fix would be to shim out the frame a bit on the bottom until the doors are aligned, but that can be tricky.


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