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Think Brick on foundation walls

Caqui | Posted in General Questions on

Hi Folks. My apologies if this was asked already, but I’m unable to find any clear guidance. I have a house in North Carolina with a cinder block crawlspace. I would like to add thin brick (not full bricks, the thin ones) to the outside of the foundation/crawlspace wall. So the thin brick would be applied over about 2.5′ feet of cinder block walls. I’ve read a lot about moisture control and air pockets on brick walls, but my question is: do I need all that for the foundation? Or can I just add Red guard to waterproof it, some thinset and add the thin bricks? I’m also replacing the house siding so the added thickness of the foundation is not a problem. I also know that I need to add flashing to the top of the foundation to move the water out. But my question is really how to apply the thin brick to the foundation walls. Some pictures included.

So far I’m thinking in following this guy process but I’m open to suggestions:

Some additional information: crawlspace is sealed with internal foam board 1.5″. The perimeter of the house is paved as you can see in the picture.  The wall is sanded to remove the latex paint.

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  1. Expert Member


    You are good to go with what you propose. The concrete stem-wall is unaffected by adding a brick veneer.

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