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Tilt and turn windows

n2dirt | Posted in General Questions on

Looking for tilt and turn windows preferably in fiberglass but vinyl is acceptable. Live in the south, climate zone 3, something with a U of around .2 to .3. Anyone have any recommendations or experiences with brands that don’t break the bank?

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  1. brianvarick | | #1

    I just got a quote from Denco Windows that seemed very reasonable. Less than $500 for a pretty large unit. He also gave me a quote for a 12' sliding door that was less than $4,000. The caveat is it takes quite a while to receive the windows from Germany, but I believe he has some sizes in stock if you are fine with white.

  2. PAUL KUENN | | #2

    Not as pricey coming from Milwaukee but made with all German equipment.

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