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Installing outset tilt and turn windows with stone veneer

BlackHawkDesigns | Posted in General Questions on

I am installing some European triple pane Aluminum windows into a walkout cement basement with rubber waterproofing that will be soon faced with bluestone veneer and could use some advice on if I should install them inset our outset of the RO.

My issue is that above in the main SIPs structure we have already installed the same windows sticking out 1.25″ so that the metal siding/J channel on top of furring strips will be flush, without doing the typical inset window liquid flashing/tiled sill setup. 

With the SIPs above, we can tape, caulk, and flash the outset windows to waterproof but with stone I’m not sure what options are available and what kinds of air sealing and moisture management is recommended with stone? If we outset 1.25″ like above should we surround the frames with cement board and some sort of waterproof masonry caulk before doing stone and mortar ? 

I’m not opposed to insetting these as is done normally with tilt turn windows but am concerned if the different window mounting style within the same structure might look off.


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