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TimberHP wood fiber insulation in dense pack, batt, and board form

alanferg | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

TimberHP wood fiber insulation to be manufactured in Maine, associated with GO Lab and GO Logic. Not yet on the market (website says coming 2Q 2023). The website promotes three forms of the insulation with R-values of 3.2 to 4 per inch; TimberFill blown in dense pack, TimberBatt, and TimberBoard continuous insulation.

Something for builders to consider for projects in the pipeline. If my personal build were still one or two years down the road, I’d seriously consider this insulation. Disclosure! I’m a Maine resident so this product is near and dear to me.

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  1. Expert Member
    Michael Maines | | #1

    Alan, thanks for the update. Their company progress is discussed here often and many of us are eagerly awaiting production!

  2. jwolfe1 | | #2

    Any insight regarding how much more this will cost than say Rockwool for a comparable product?

    1. Expert Member
      Michael Maines | | #3

      Their goal from the start has been to be competitive with industry standard products, or at least higher-end industry standard products. In other words, no more expensive than Rockwool, and possibly closer to fiberglass. I have no idea where they will actually set their pricing though.

      1. Expert Member
        KYLE WINSTON BENTLEY | | #10

        If they can price in between fiberglass and Rockwool, and meet demand, I think it’ll fly off the shelves.

    2. andyfrog | | #4

      In past podcasts they showed slides indicating "more expensive than foam, but less expensive than Comfortboard"

      Whether or not that's still true, nobody knows.

      My guess they will slightly undercut Gutex/Steico pricing (when shipping is included).

      1. Expert Member
        Michael Maines | | #5

        They are making three different products: loose-blown, batts and rigid boards. You're probably right about the rigid board pricing. When I interviewed the principals 4-5 years ago the goal was to be competitive with polyiso, but with market demand making hard to even get Gutex or Steico right now, they would be leaving money on the table if they didn't price their product higher.

  3. Expert Member


    Great news!

  4. Expert Member
    DCcontrarian | | #7

    Everything old is new again. In 2020 I tore down a house that was built in 1928, this was in the wall. It was basically bags of sawdust with roofing felt on one side.

    1. andyfrog | | #8

      I don't think wood fiberboard is particularly new in general, just that it didn't have as widespread of adoption in the US as in EU. But it'd be interesting to see if the paraffin coating was something previously unique to the EU.

  5. maine_tyler | | #9

    The first question on their FAQ is worth reading, "is insulating with wood fiber a new technology"

    One noteworthy point is that they will be using the dry process method, which is a newer technique than the wet process.

    1. Expert Member
      Michael Maines | | #12

      The dry process is the same that Gutex and Steico use for their rigid products, so they will be very similar. The wet process is used for products like Homasote and Sonoclimate Eco4 sheathing.

  6. tim_william | | #11

    I'm also in Maine and hope to use their blow in product in 2023. Do you know if it is installed using the same equipment as cellulose? I figured I'd hire the same guys who did my attic to install the TimberHP stuff.

    1. Expert Member
      Michael Maines | | #13

      That was the plan when I talked with them a few years ago.

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