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To Martin Holladay or others

STxX7DwZNV | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

RE: Heat Guard Interior

I went to a presentation on a product last night where the presenter said that the above product was an “Energy Star” qualified. The product in the brochure sates,” A professional grade 100% elastomeric ultrawhite membrane coating, created with hollow microscopic ceramic beads.”

The product is the above membrane sandwiched between two reflective foil skins with small holes in the product which they say is to allow moisture to pass through and out through the ridge vents as well as preventing the product from hold water in the case of a roof leak. They say it reflects 85% of the heat and they guarantee a five year payout and claim much better performance.

My questions are:
1. Are you familiar with the product??
2. Are you familiar with the Company; Light Power Solutions 4720 Salisbury Road Jacksonville, Florida 32256.

I have had experience with similar products about 8 years ago which may have been first generation products..I was a consultant on the development and construction of a hotel in Trinidad West Indies. The hotel had a 6:12 pitch roof with Bermuda Style metal roofing on it. The architect recomended using a new product a foil which was suppose to block out UV rays and relect heat back out through the metal roof. The installation was that is was stapled and draped between the roof trusses. It seemed to be very effective. Secondly I was living on a sialboat at the time and installed a new holdover fridge/freezer in my boat. The manufacurer sent me a product to insulate between the box and the decorative surround a simular product which appeared to be bubble wrap sanwiched between two pieces of foil about 10 pieces laiminated together encapsulated in seal plastice to prevent it from getting wet from condesation. Again this product worked well and may have been ealier renditions of the above.
I would apprecialte an early reply as I am starting a major Kitchen remodel where the cieling will be partially opened up for easy access to apply some type of additional insulation. My house sitel conditions are as follows: The house was built in 1968 and had the original paper backed fiberglass insulation still in the attic. The house has a 2;12 pitch roof which only allows three feet at the ridge line. Unfortunatly when putting in the central air heat pump, The A/c installer postioned a large return air duct down the center thus leaving maybe 24 inches clearence. The roof was recently re-roofed with peel and stick underlayment and 25 year architectual shingles. A new ridge vent was installed to augment the gable end grills.
If you need futher information or wish to contact me directly.
Bob Mercer
209 S. E. Paradise Point Road
Crystal River Florida 34429
[email protected]

PS. I am an avid reader of your publications and have used several of your advertisers products and services and have been exteremly satisfied. Thankyou

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    The product is a radiant barrier. Beware of radiant barrier salespeople, since the industry is full of scam artists who exaggerate and have no understanding of heat transfer principles.

    Here's a blog to give you more information on radiant barriers:
    Radiant Barriers: A Solution in Search of a Problem

  2. bigrig | | #2

    I did not have to go far on their website for my "snake oil" alarm to go off. They are selling a "green power box" that "optimizes the power that comes into your home". Just another power factor correction scam. I would run from these people.

  3. Envirocon | | #3

    The best direction for you, is to pull the louvered vent, and replace with a ridge vent. Then ensure proper soffitt vents and install a vent channel under the roof deck. Once proper venting is installed, fill the entire attic with blown cellulose, up to and covering your properly sealed ducts.You may or may not need the ridge vent, just a guess.

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