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Tongue-and-groove ceiling

skoons | Posted in Interior Design on

I currently building an addition and plan on putting up a knotty pine tongue and groove (1×6, 3/4″ thick) ceiling attached to the bottom of scissors trusses. The trusses are 24″ on center. I plan on putting up 5/8″ drywall first to get an airtight assembly. The tongue and groove pine is end matched (ends are tongue and groove as well). My question is this, with the drywall up, am I ok not ending each piece of pine on a truss seeing that the ends are also tongue and groove, or am I asking for trouble if the boards aren’t nailed on the ends?

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  1. wjrobinson | | #1

    I would use rigid foam as you then add insulation. I never use drywall.

    You can put your joints where ever and they will do fine.

    Tape the rigid foam seams and caulk it glue it to the entire perimeter for a good air seal.

  2. Expert Member

    No you are just fine as long as the boards aren't all shorts and span at least two trusses.

  3. skoons | | #3

    Thank you for the replies, I appreciate it.

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