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Updated ERV Recommendations on New Build?

gagejfoley | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

I am nearing the start of my home construction on family property and would appreciate updated recommendations on ERV?

Our home is going to be around 3,600 square feet with a simple structure (basement makes up about 1,000 of that). The future in-law will be handled separately for HVAC. We are located just north of Boston.

Can anyone recommend a few of the best “standard” ERVs these days? Panasonic Intellibalance 200,  Renewair EV premium, Broan AI series? It seems like most of the posts on here are a few years old.

Other notes/hopes – I would like to use one ERV if capable of the duct static to get across house. Plan to use boost mode to provide bathroom exhaust, estimated around 90 CFM of fresh air during standard operation.

Appreciate any input. Plans attached in case it helps to comment. I will probably follow this up with some heat pump and dehumidifier questions too.

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