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uv protective film / membrane

anonymoususer | Posted in General Questions on

Can anyone recommend a film or membrane that protects against UV when a job gets interrupted? We are using Delta Stratus as wrb on wood frame existing house that is undergoing phased deep energy retrofit. We plan to apply rigid foam outside the Delta Stratus, then furrings, then vinyl siding. But for some small areas of the house, there will be a > 6 month delay between when the Delta Stratus gets applied and the rigid foam gets applied. It would be great it if we had something uv-resistant longer term that we could tape over the Delta Stratus in these small areas, then remove once we are ready to apply the rigid foam. Delta Stratus is only uv resistant for 6 mos. THanks

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  1. Expert Member
    Akos | | #1

    You can look at Tyvek commercial wrap which is rated for 9 month exposure. The other option is to use one of the wraps designed for open cladding (ie Revealshield) which can be left exposed.

    The only way to protect the house wrap is to install a layer of budget house wrap over it. This house wrap can be left in place or removed when the siding goes on. The cost of labour of installing two layers will probably be more than a better house wrap though.

  2. anonymoususer | | #2

    Thank you, Akos, for this helpful reply

  3. Expert Member
    BILL WICHERS | | #3

    Anything with black pigment will help with UV. Black poly sheet will work, but it will trap moistuer which can be a problem. Landscape fabric is a better option, since it's normally breathable, but in my experience the felt-like lanscape fabric is FAR less durable in UV exposure than the woven stuff that looks like a black plastic version of canvas.

    Akos is right though that housewrap works fine too. You end up with a sort of sacrificial layer of housewrap over the "real" housewrap that will stay on the structure permanently. This works fine too. I'd just use whatever is cheapest and most readily available in your area and call it good.


    1. anonymoususer | | #4

      Thank you, Zephyr7—very helpful !

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