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Vapour and air barrier input

Jackie_M | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

Hi all,
I am looking for input on both brands of air and vapour barriers to use and also where to locate them. We are in climate zone 6 and are hoping to get as airtight as possible.

Our wall assembly is: 
2 x 6 stud wall with R22 Rockwool Comfortbatts
exterior sheathing
2 layers of 3 inches Comfortboard 80 for a total of R24 
1 inch strapping and air gap
Maibec wood siding 

Our roof assembly is:
rafters filled with R22 Rockwool comfortbatts 
roof sheathing
3 layers of 3 inches Comfortboard 80 for a total of R36
2nd layer of sheathing
metal roof 

Thanks in advance,

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