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Vaulted ceiling with tongue-and-groove boards only

39Chev | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

New home, zone 6. Vaulted ceiling in family room (4/12), R60 blown in fiberglass, MemBrain throughout (walls and ceiling) sealed with tape and that “goopy” stuff at top and bottom plate, wall junctions, etc.
I was originally going to have the vault sheet-rocked when they did the rest of the ceilings, but talking with my contractor, he said that the ceiling was completely sealed with MemBrain, so if we were very careful not to puncture the MemBrain when installing tongue and groove, we would not need to have sheet rock under the wood tongue and groove. I trust him not to puncture the MemBrain (he has been GREAT to work with), but I don’t want to regret not sheet-rocking.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    It's your house. I wouldn't do it, though.

    Few details are more important when it comes to a cathedral ceiling than the interior air barrier. If you blow it, you're doomed. You'll have a soggy mess. This is the one place where you want a bulletproof air barrier. It's really, really important.

    Going back later to fix a problem is very expensive and disruptive. Install the drywall -- you won't regret it.

  2. 39Chev | | #2

    Thanks Martin...that's what my gut was saying, but I wanted a pro's opinion.

  3. charlie_sullivan | | #3

    Is there venting above your fiberglass, between it and the roof deck?

  4. 39Chev | | #4

    Yes, with soffit vents, ridge vents and chutes. House is 10/12 pitch with 4/12 pitch vault. Trusses have large energy heels.

  5. user-228058 | | #5

    What if you did a service chase below the membrain and trusses. Then you would have no punctures in the barrier from the v joint...

  6. 39Chev | | #6

    Too late to change horses...drywall being hung tomorrow.
    Thanks for the input!

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