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Venting an attic in New Orleans

rockinroger | Posted in General Questions on

Gable roof 24’w x 70′ long, approx 5/12 pitch.
Decorative windows in the front gable, with a 24″x24″louvered scuttle hole in rear. No insulation in attic
What’s the best way to ventilate? Air handler is in the attic.


  1. user-2310254 | | #1

    Roger. I think the general recommendation will be to create a conditioned attic. You might want to read this article while waiting for more responses.

  2. rockinroger | | #2

    Thanks. Great article with a good overview.

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    In a hot, humid climate like New Orleans, there really isn't any advantage to inviting outdoor air into your attic. Whether you decide to put your insulation on the attic floor or along the sloping roofline, there is no need for ventilation (unless a code official insists on it). To learn why, see All About Attic Venting.

    So where is the best place for attic insulation: on the attic floor, or along the sloping roofline? The answer depends on whether there is any HVAC equipment or ductwork in your attic. Since you informed us that there is an air handler in your attic, I recommend that you locate your insulation along the sloping roofline.

    In your climate zone (Zone 2), building codes require that roof insulation have a minimum R-value of R-38.

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