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Vermiculite discovered under fiberglass after cellulose installed

DixieH | Posted in General Questions on

Our 1887 house was used for a blower door inspection as part of a building class in 2009. The attic had apparent fiberglass bats on the floor. In 2013 we had our roof replaced courtesy of Sandy. As part of the work, the roofer recommended cutting some soffit vents. Made sense to us. He finished the north soffit, no issues, and he started working on the west wing soffit. He was drilling from underneath and some vermiculite fell through. Obviously only parts of the attic had vermiculite and we stopped the soffitt work. After that, a weatherization guy layered loose pack cellulose on top of the fiberglass.
Would the fiberglass encapsulate it? How do we learn if the house was contaminated by the blower door test?

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