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Very disappointed in Zehnder America

qofmiwok | Posted in Green Products and Materials on

They really seem to be not engaging in the US market. 

– First the US sales rep misrepresented what the product could do in terms of small amounts of make-up air.  They ended up having a big back and forth email conversation with Zehnder Germany only to learn that they didn’t even understand how it worked.

– Numerous features are “only available in Europe.”

– Then they sent flex tubes without informing me.  The white smooth original tubes are part of what attracted me to the system in the first place.  Apparently they’re not selling those in the US anymore.

– Now we find the filters that they sold us for the rectangular extract vents don’t fit with the new flex tubes.  When we complained they said we could “bend things around” to make it fit.  My husband is a mechanical engineer and said there is no way that will work.  Their answer is basically, That’s all we have.  And “It’s not unheard of for Zehnder to have drawings with obsolete products in them, or products only available in Europe.” 

So I guess we’re left to fend for ourselves to come up with filters that fit in our boxes.  

I spent over $30k on this system and I’m really wishing I hadn’t.  Overall the system is a lot “dumber” than I thought it was.  And they change products for the US market without thinking through all the other parts they need to change for it to work.

Has anyone come up with a solution for the mis-fitting filters for the CLD boxes?  My husband is going to try to design and 3D print something that makes it work.

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  1. NetZeroLiving | | #1

    Hello qofmiwok,
    I respectfully disagree with your position regarding Zehnder America. I began my relationship 11 years ago as a customer/installer of multiple complete ERV systems and 9 years ago became an employee. We have thousands of installed systems in both the US as well as Canada. You are the first unhappy one I am aware of. If you are having issues with equipment call me directly at 219-712-5825. Yes, we do offer two types of tubing, the white semi ridged ComfoTube and the flexible grey ComfoFlex. Both products perform the same function & cost the same. Feel free to reach out to me to reach a favorable outcome on your installation.
    Larry Ponziano, Midwest Technical Sales Representative, Zehnder America 219-712-5825

  2. qofmiwok | | #2

    Thanks for reaching out. I would like to forward you an email chain with photos and explanations of the problem with the filters. Can you provide an email address?

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #3


      Why don't you just call him?

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