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Void/hole under support column – poly foam injection suitable solution?

raphaelb | Posted in General Questions on

Hi there,

I recently bought an old (150 years) house in CZ 5a, that has a partial basement and then lots of crawl space. The crawl space needs a lot of help – there are rodent droppings everywhere, ripped up vapor barrier and batting insulation, random junk, a possum (which I have removed already) 

I had a crawl space / basement company come quote me for an encapsulation, and while he was down there looking at it, his knee sunk about a foot into the dirt right between two support columns. 

There appears to be a tunnel (I’m guessing from rodents but I have no idea) or some kind of void in the dirt, and unfortunately right underneath the support column. 

See pictures below – the one from within the hole I took by sticking my hand down into it with my phone. The top of that picture is the bottom of the support column. 

The company proposed drilling 12 holes 5 feet apart and injecting poly foam into them to fill any voids and reinforce the soil under the columns. Based on my reading here and elsewhere that seems like a reasonable solution, but thought I’d ask if anyone else has had anything similar or has any suggestions. 

Going off towards the other way from that column is another 5+ foot tunnel/hole, I just can’t get a good photo of it since it’s narrower than the one in the photo. 

Thank you in advance for any suggestions!

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