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Waterproofing Help below grade basement

124bcd | Posted in General Questions on

We are hoping to finish our below grade basement for added space for the kids.
We are in Atlanta.
Our issues are:
1. foundation wall cracks led to water seeping in after a rain. Cracks have been injected with no further issue.

2. Water entering into the basement in between the slab and framing when it had not rained. I went outside and saw various holes in the brick and weep holes located at the area water was coming in to the interior of the house. See photos, we have gravel surrounding this wall to help with drainage but I wonder if they did it too high? The weep holes are lower than the gravel bed??

3. Damp patches where it appeared the slab was damp underneath in various areas. I know they put gravel under this slab but it would not appear the vapor barrier is doing it’s job or even present?

4. The house was built a foot lower than the civil approved it. Just learned that and now we have water table concerns. 

Before we begin this construction work in the basement, would love to know the best way to approach this to ensure we keep it dry.

*Our gutters are functioning and cleaned out regularly. I’m having someone come out to confirm the grade is sloping away properly from this latest issue.

…Does the slab need to be retrofitted with a barrier? I taped down plastic square to test if there was any droplets and the plastic was dry was dry on both sides? Humidity is controlled with a dehumidifier currently and stays in range 30-50.

… Should  we apply  Xypex or similar on the interior walls? Anything on the Exterior walls as a second line of defense?

….should these exterior holes be filled in? 


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