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We are rebuilding a dormer on a historical house in New Orleans

rockinroger | Posted in General Questions on

We are rebuilding a dormer on a historical house in New Orleans. There are slates going up the side of the dormer to the roof.

Typically, there is a trim board [1″x 8″] from the front of the dormer returning to the roof.One carpenter says the return trim should go over the slates. I maintain that the slates should butt up to the return trim. Who’s right?


  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Before anyone can answer your question, I think we need a better description or a sketch.

    It this a frieze board on the dormer cheek?

  2. user-974813 | | #2

    if the slate abutted the rake, then flashing/step flashing would have to placed on the face of the rake and set into a kerf with caulk. so much cleaner to flash/step flash the framing, abut the slate to the flashing & cover with rake. leave rake off the roof 3/4" and heavily prime butt grain (if wood)

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