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What details should we add to the GBA library?

Martin Holladay | Posted in Green Building Techniques on

GBA has a tab on every page labeled “Strategies & Details.” That’s the gateway to our slowly expanding detail library, where members have access to construction details.

We are well aware of the limitations of our detail library, and are committed to improving it. Our budget will allow significant additions to the library in the months ahead.

We’re inviting GBA members to comment on details they’d like to see added. What’s missing? What would you like to see?

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    Bumping this thread up.

  2. Dayton | | #2

    I'd like to see more retrofit/remodel details that don't include foam (spray or sheathing). Larsen Truss or other stratagies for outsulation.
    Also details on how to repair and upgrade existing windows and doors instead off replacing them (changing glass, storm windows, insulating shutters, air sealing...)
    Passive house details translated from German....

  3. bsandersga | | #3

    I think details that include fiber cement panel siding is a great idea.

  4. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #4

    David and Robert,
    Thanks for your suggestions. Keep the suggestions coming.

  5. Kopper37 | | #5

    What about termites? Looking at the foundation details, I don't see much (or anything) about strategies for dealing with termites . . .

  6. jbmoyer | | #6


    - Foundation drainage detail (Like the Winterpanel detail)
    - Kick out flashing (the one in the library is not so clear)
    - Duct Sealing details (like Building Science Corp image below)

  7. marc.kleinmann | | #7

    I would second Daniel's request to include more foundation details for climate zones that have to deal with termites.


  8. user941025 | | #8

    Adding my suggestion:

    * Flashing innie window (and plywood buck w/ sill construction) details

  9. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #9

    Minneapolis and others,
    GBA's details are here:
    “Innie” window sill detail
    “Innie” window head detail.

    We don't yet have one for those building a plywood buck. While you are waiting, check out the one from the Journal of Light Construction: Installing Exterior Insulation in Cold Climates.

    The illustration (copyright JLC) is reproduced below.

  10. user-1012653 | | #10

    Maybe some double wall construction details? I working on some now, if you need any help drafting/drawing I would be happy to help.

  11. dsmcn | | #11

    How about connecting a deck to a house, i.e. ledger/siding/rainscreen/foam/sheathing—how do you maintain the insulation layer and still provide structural support? How about flashing? How about exposure to termites?
    Same details for a porch with concrete.
    Thanks for asking.

  12. user-651098 | | #12

    If a well designed, well insulated home has an insulated attached garage, how do you insulate the slab floor perimeter at the bottom of the garage door? The top edge of the slab is a thermal weak point in the building envelope.

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