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What do you guys think about Icynene ProSeal Low-VOC Spray Foam?

Kendog52361 | Posted in General Questions on

I was browsing Youtube and found the following two videos on Icynene’s Youtube Page:

I think they are talking about the following Icynene product:

In the videos, they were talking about applying it to the outside of the house, for example in place of Rigid Foam, and I was wondering what you guys thought about it? It is Low-VOC, but there is a water based spray only, but the R-Value for it is only around R-4/inch. What concerns are there about covering it, like with a WRB?

I realize that some people will automatically dismiss it because it has VOC, low or otherwise, but it is sprayed on the outside of the structure, not the inside, and if it’s a big concern, there is a no VOC(?) option with a lower R-Value/inch.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    This is a closed-cell spray foam. The page that you linked to describes the R-value as R-7.1 per inch, not R-4 per inch. (The R-7 per inch is probably a slight exaggeration.)

    It's possible to install spray foam on the exterior side of wall sheathing, but this expensive technique is usually reserved for commercial projects. Rigid foam is cheaper.

  2. Kendog52361 | | #2


    While you're correct, the page I linked to had the R-value as R-7.1 per inch, it was the 100% water-blown CC spray foam version that was around R-4 per inch. I have linked to it below:

  3. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #3

    GBA published an article about Icynene ProSeal Eco back in 2013. Here is a link to the article: Icynene Announces a New Spray Foam Insulation.

  4. Expert Member
    Dana Dorsett | | #4

    Icynene'a 2lb water blown foams ( D-R-200, and MD-R-210) run about R5/inch, not R4/inch:

    The water blown 2lb foam is not as vapor-tight as the HFC245fa blown R7/inch stuff, but they're considerably more vapor tight than the 0.5lb & 0.7lb open cell foams. The half pound LD-C-50 "Classic" runs about R3.7/inch but the 0.7 lb "Classic Plus" runs R4/inch.

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