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What is a cost effective way to meet the San Francisco Article 38 ventilation requirements for high-traffic areas?

Zac Shore | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Article 38 requires you to filter incoming air to residential units close to the highway and high traffic areas with MERV 13 filtration. That said, the building has electric heat due to the climate. The engineer spec’d fantech inline fans with custom MERV 13 box filters intercepting the supply duct, then dumping into the apartments. I worry that this will be too inefficient, dumping cool air into the apartment at night and keeping the temperatures low, forcing tenants to use the electric heating. That said, I would propose a spot ERV with MERV 13 filtration. However, no spot ERV’s have MERV 13 filtration. So the question becomes two-fold:

1)Is MERV 13 filtration overkill for this use?

2)Will spot ERV’s support a MERV 13 filter intercepting their intake duct with only 40 CFM capacity?

Thanks a million

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