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What product do you apply to the inside of studs to create a thermal break?

Tim Schreiner | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Advisor Mike Guertin mentioned reading about a product that you can apply to the inside of studs to create a thermal break. I would love to know the info on this.

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  1. Mike Guertin | | #1

    I saw the product in an ad in one of the 10 construction magazines I read monthly and of course, I recycled that issue and don't recollect the name. I did some checking on the performance of thin (1/8 in.) foam tapes applied to studs as a thermal bridge break and from what I could gather the effect is minimal. All of the research I scanned was done on steel studs (where thermal bridging is a serious problem) but I suppose you can extrapolate to wood studs.

    It appears that to get a decent thermal bridge break you'd need about 1/2 inch of foam.

    ORNL developed Stud Snugglers a number of years ago but I couldn't find any companies who took the idea to market.

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