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What should be done to replace siding but leave window?

josefchalat | Posted in General Questions on

The original windows on this project were attached to the building by face nailing through an integral brick-mold. The windows were subsequently replaced with “replacement” windows, which left the existing window frame and brick-mold in place. The brick mold was wrapped in coil stock and fastened with nails along the edge of the brick mold perpendicular to the sheathing. The facilities manger wants to replace the existing ugly and degraded siding with a quality vinyl. I don’t see a good way to integrate a new weather barrier, flashing, and cap with the existing window without removing and replacing the coil stock. Do you have any suggestions? The project includes 500 windows so I need a good solution. Thanks!

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    I'm not quite sure what the difficulty is. There are two choices:

    1. Leave the coil stock in place, making sure that there is new Z-flashing at the head that overlaps the existing coil stock. On the jambs, butt the new J-channel to the coil stock. Verify that there is a kerf on the underside of the window sill; it looks like the sills are proud of the siding, so this approach should work.

    2. Remove the existing coil stock, and install new coil stock (doing a careful job of integrating the new coil stock with the WRB).

    Needless to say, new windows would be nice -- but not every owner can afford new windows.

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