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What’s the most efficient way to run a dehumidifier?

Alan B | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

I have tried everything but short of a DER i can’t reduce the humidity load of the basement so i have little choice to bring in a dehumidifier.
The one i am getting is oversized according to online sources, 500sqft needs a small dehumidifier but i am getting a 70 pint energy star rated frigidaire (long story). It uses 746W and pulls 70 pints a day at 1.85L/kWh.

It has two fan speeds, if i set it at 60% humidity and the manual says nothing about compressor energy usage being adjusted with the fan which will use less energy assuming it brings the humidity down to 60% from 90-100% today. Before people say just get a smaller one there is also a crawlspace and brick wall that are porous so while i do intend to cover the dirt in the future i simply cannot afford the cost now (and it needs digging out, this house is a pain) and the small dehumidifier may not be enough at present (but it might be, i have no way to calculate this).

Thanks for your thoughts.

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  1. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #1

    If you really want to see whether the dehumidifier uses fewer watts an low speed than high speed, buy a Watt meter (like the Kill-a-Watt meter) and measure the watt draw.

  2. Alan B | | #2

    Indeed, i was hoping to find out before i receive it but i will use my kill-a-watt on it when it comes
    Does oversizing a dehumidifier carry an energy penalty?
    Also if my basement is 700 sq/ft, is brick construction, located in climate zone 4, has 70% unfinished concrete floor and 30% crawlspace, what size from 30-70 pints should i be looking at?

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