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Where can I find design conferences or courses for green industrial building design?

3BSHHTj8zs | Posted in General Questions on

I live and work in northern Saskatchewan, Canada (very cold and windy) and the company I work for is looking to incorporate more energy efficient and greener building designs in an industrial setting. We are looking to do this mainly for new construction, but if the opportunity arises, we would retrofit existing structures as well.

Does anyone have any suggestions of courses or conferences I can attend to continue learning about efficient industrial designs? I do not believe I will be able to pursue my LEED certification, so I am looking for alternates.

Thank you.

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  1. homedesign | | #1

    I don't see any seminars scheduled right now...
    keep looking back at this site...maybe they will post some new seminars soon

  2. Ew8A5fNb3p | | #2

    There is a course on eco-industrial park development in Calgary on June 3rd

    If you are looking for building specific information, try Cascadia Green Building Council or check out the TaigaNova Eco-Industrial Park. Every one of the 24 lots will have a green industrial building on it, and some are already built. The downloadable green development guidelines on their website at should give you some direction.

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