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Which flashing tape for flanged window install?

BrunoF | Posted in General Questions on

I was going to use Grace Vycor Plus to prepare the window rough openings and tape the flanges but I see that it isn’t compatible with PVC which will be an issue for the flange and may be an issue for the corner gaskets.

where compatibility with PVC is required, what tape should I use?


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  1. Patrick_OSullivan | | #1

    Zip tape and 3M 8067 are good products for this.

  2. steve41 | | #2

    Bruno- I used Siga Fentrim for my flanged windows. It's nice to work with as it's pre-folded so that you can extend the tape onto the frame perimeter. I excluded the manufacturer's corner gaskets. I thought they were not very robust. I fashioned my own "corner gaskets" with Siga wigluv. The Siga products are a little pricey, but I have been super impressed.

    1. BrunoF | | #3

      Thx. I went with Suresill 2.0 gaskets since I could get them at Home Depot and they are compatible with sloped rough openings

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