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Wifi Webserver and App for Fujitsu Ducted Air Handler Heat Pump – Dual Zone Airzone – $$

stuartd | Posted in General Questions on

In my quest to be as efficient and all-electric as possible, and having spent $40K for a Fujitsu Halcyon (now rebranded as Airstage) Ducted air handler and heat pump with DUAL Zone system (zone damper is Airzone brand), I thought it would be app compatible out of the box, as was discussed with contractor way back when.
A year later when we threw the main switch, it turns out none of the Fujitsu equipment includes on-board communication equipment, but the cost for the component (control board) installed is … $1500.  I can’t believe it, as my Nest out of the box works. Thermostat control is the Airzone Blueface AZVAFBLUEFACECB (not making that up) thermostat controls.
I can find the board for $500, but DIY would not be worth voiding the system warranty. AZX6WSC5GER
This is a weekend house, and hvac remote control is critical, so I guess I have no choice.

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  1. gusfhb | | #1

    When I put my Pioneer mini split in my garage a few years back the wifi module was on backorder.
    I bought a widget on Amazon that measures temp and humidity and outputs remote control signals

    This may be way more crude than what you want, but it is app accessible and monitors temp and humidity, so for 40 bucks.....

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