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Window Selection

kenmoremmm | Posted in PassivHaus on

I’m trying to narrow down my choices between windows. We’re looking at triple pane windows for an ICF build in CZ6B in Canada. I’m down to Innotech and Westeck, plus some fixed windows from Litezone.

Innotech seems to have a good reputation, but I’m not certain the tilt and turn is best for us. Westeck seems to be the same type of product as Innotech, with similar performance, but I haven’t found too many people using and reviewing it. However, the thing I like about Westeck is that they have casement windows (the crank kind) that have triple point locking mechanisms and swing out, instead of in. I’ve never really liked casement, but I think I like it better than the idea of tilt and turn windows since you’ll never use the turn part b/c your interior window sill will be occupied, or you don’t want to smack into a window that’s sticking into your house by 2-3ft…

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  1. buildzilla | | #1

    what did you end up doing here for windows and how did it turn out so far?

  2. Jemari | | #2

    I have been looking at Innotech as well. So the steel reinforced PVC: does these windows have the same flaw as regular PVC, where the shrink/swell will cause the seals to break? Are there additional failures due to rust internal to the windows?

  3. jollygreenshortguy | | #3

    I'm an American living in Europe. Many homes, most new ones, have tilt turn windows. Most people use them on a daily basis as a tilt window. But the turn function, acting as an inward opening casement, is very convenient for when they need to be washed.
    By the way most European homes I've encountered don't have insect screens on their windows.

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