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Windows in existing residence

klaslvn | Posted in Building Code Questions on

Hello –
The window company who installed our high efficiency windows neglected code in two by installing them in areas that required tempered glass, and they installed standard windows rather than tempered. We did not realize this until a home inspection for purchase of our home arrived. Should they be liable to replace since they didn’t follow manufacturer warranty? Thanks

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  1. NovaFiberglass | | #1

    If the windows are annealed or tempered is not relevant to the manufacturer's warranty. The windows do not meet code which a sales rep could/should have consulted with you on but most likely the contract states that the customer was responsible for verifying all final details. This is also why permits could/should have been pulled and the windows would have been inspected by a building inspector. Deglazing the IGs and installing new tempered IGs is not a big deal and should only cost a couple hundred dollars depending upon the size of the glass.

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