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Would you be willing to trial our Whole Home Modeling Software?

EfficientValue | Posted in Plans Review on

Seeking Test Users of Home Energy Modeling Software

I work on the Product Team at Ekotrope.   Ekotrope is the market leader in residential energy modeling software, and our home energy modeling solution, Ekotrope Rater, is used by HERS Raters to evaluate the energy performance of over 250K homes year. Specifically, it takes a variety of inputs on the home design and calculates compliance on a bunch of different energy efficiency requirements – including energy codes, Energy Star and HERS.  (I don’t see how to add a link to our YouTube videos here, but I’d be happy to share one if it’s helpful.)

We generally only license Rater to certified HERS Raters, but we are researching whether it might make sense to create a similar product for builders and designers to use.   We are interested to show builders and designers how our software works and to offer free access to its energy modeling capabilities for a few months in exchange for some feedback – a few interviews, a few surveys – maybe 15 minutes a month.

We are envisioning a simple, low-overhead program.   We would provision a restricted license to a small group of builders as sort of an advisory panel.     Please ask questions, let me know if you would be interested, in this thread or via DM. I am new here, so guidance one where/how to post this here would also be welcomed.

If you are interested, please email [email protected] 







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  1. canada_deck | | #1

    I'd like to give a try but there is no way to DM you and I don't want to post contact details here. I suggest you provide an e-mail address or web form that people can use.

    1. EfficientValue | | #6

      Here's an email address to express interest. Thanks! [email protected]

  2. Expert Member
    ARMANDO COBO | | #2

    You can add/edit any weblink or email in your post for interested folks to contact you. Sound like a good project for the Design and Build community.

  3. Expert Member


    It sounds interesting.

    I would contact GBA's editor Kiley Jacques to see how she should like to structure any offer, as the website Terms of Use preclude advertising in the Q+A.

    1. EfficientValue | | #4

      Thank you for that guidance. I have contacted Kiley and we are aligning.

  4. hvacMENSCH | | #5

    I would like to have a trial. [email protected]

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