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Continuous WRB from Soffit to Roof

caliberger | Posted in General Questions on

I’m doing stucco for my soffits and fascia
Is it worth the time and expense to continue running the WRB layer up to the roof before the stucco is applied?
See attached pics

Zone 3 marine

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  1. caliberger | | #1

    Now that Thanksgivings over, any responses to my WRB question?

  2. Expert Member


    Stucco should always have a WRB behind it - depending on the type, sometimes two layers. If I was using it on a fascia, in addition I would want a more moisture resistant substrate than just framing lumber, but maybe in your dry climate that isn't as important as it would be elsewhere.

  3. caliberger | | #3

    Thank you Malcolm. I appreciate your advice

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #4


      It would be interesting to know what the common practice is in you area, and other similar climates.

  4. Danan_S | | #5

    I'm in the same climate zone. The stucco portions of my house have 1 layer of Henry Blueskin, 2 layers of tar paper, then the stucco application (with mesh, etc). It's probably overkill, but the Blueskin is mostly for air sealing (which I didn't entrust to the 2 layers of tar paper).

  5. caliberger | | #6

    Thank you both Malcolm and Danan
    I confirmed with my stucco guy that he will install 2 layers of tar paper before the scratch coat
    The question remains, do either of you recommend running the Blueskin up to the roof?

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #7


      I would certainly do it, and it sounds like Danan_S already did something similar.

      1. Danan_S | | #8

        Up to the roof vertically, yes. I would. You might need some of Henry's liquid applied compound in the inside corners and in the crack where the wall meets the roof, though because the Blueskin won't seal an inside corner very well, and the Blueskin won't cover the wall to roof transition well. If you want to use caulk, make sure you apply the Henry Blueskin first as it won't adhere to surfaces that have caulk on them.

  6. caliberger | | #9

    Well, things now look like this (see pic)
    I have done the fascia but the question remains, should I do the soffit?
    Again, fascia and soffit are getting finished with stucco

    1. Expert Member
      MALCOLM TAYLOR | | #10


      I'm not sure the soffit really needs it. It's not your air-barrier, and it won't see any weather.

      1. caliberger | | #11

        True Malcolm. Very little
        Thank you again

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