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You recommend Siga Sicrall tape for XPS

John Waller | Posted in Energy Efficiency and Durability on

Manufacturer lists sicrall as an interior product. Can it be used on exterior XPS?

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  1. Albert Rooks | | #1

    Hi John,

    See the comments about this in comment field #8 of:

    Below is a recap:

    Use the right tape for the right application.
    by albert rooks

    Just to clarify...
    The Siga Sicrall held best to your XPS which is great. But readers should check with a SIGA Dealer before ordering for their first application. It's an easy call to make and SIGA puts a lot of effort into making sure who answers the phone can help you choose the right tape or membrane for the application.
    I'm pointing this out because it's not always apparent what to use. In this case, you found that Sicrall stuck better than anything to XPS. Thats fine for an interior application but probably not so good for exterior XPS. Sicrall has a paper backing and even though it's done well for 10 months, it's not recommended to be used on the exterior layers. For that application Wigluv 60 is the recommended tape since it's formulated to be used in exterior applications and is expected to perform for decades.
    They both have the same adhesive and what helps them stick is that they have loads of it. The Sicrall was probably harder to pull off then the Wigluv because the heavy paper backing is stiffer and wouldn't pull back on itself like the flexible Wigluv 60 backing would.
    In any case... Call your supplier to check the application before you order for the first time. There are different tapes designed for different applications and it matters which one you choose. To reach The Small Planet Workshop it's: 1-855-FOR-SIGA

  2. GBA Editor
    Martin Holladay | | #2

    After Albert posted his comment to the "Backyard Tape Test" article, I responded: "Thanks for your helpful comments, and for your reminder that Siga Sicrall is intended for interior use. You are absolutely right that it's important to check with the manufacturer's recommendations before selecting a tape for any particular application."

    I have edited the article to make it clear that Siga Sicrall is intended for interior use. For exterior XPS, I recommend Siga Wigluv.

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