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Zehnder Q in hot humid climate

NikoFL | Posted in Mechanicals on

I’m remodeling an 1983 house in Florida and one of my main goals is to improve indoor air quality. The current plan is to insulate the attic (due to space I have to put the mechanical system in the attic), variable speed communicating air conditioner, metal duct work, whole house dehumidifier (stand alone ducting) and the Zehnder Q ERV (stand alone ducting) 

First question – doesn’t this setup are sense?

Second – Does anybody have experience with the Zehnder system in a hot humid climate like Florida. The concept of the Zehnder ERV is fantastic but I am concerned that it would introduce too much humidity into the house and could lead to discomfort in e.g. bedrooms if the whole house dehumidifier doesn’t catch up. Ventilating dehumidifier is not really and option since it doesn’t provide balanced ventilation.

It would be great if there was an ERV that dehumidifies if the supply air is to humid. I looked into CERV but it doesn’t look like a solid product. 

Looking forward to hearing from you

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