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Zip R wall sheathing to Rockwool foundation insulation

smac355 | Posted in General Questions on

Hi all – planning a new build – hoping to be net zero when all said and done.  Have spent a lot of time researching exterior insulation options and bridging the exterior wall insulation (I plan to use Zip R 2inch – climate zone 4) and the exterior foundation insulation (likely use Rockwool comfortboard).  

There doesn’t appear to be a great solution on finishing the Rockwool insulation.  Has anyone thought of dropping the rain screen purlins from the Zip R over the Rockwool and utilize a versetta stone type product screwed into the purlins?  This assembly assumes the zip R and Rockwool are on the same plane.  I may need to wrap the purlins that drop down to grade in zip tape to prevent moisture wicking and premature rot?

Anyone tried something like this?

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