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Zip vs. Fluid Applied

SeanRyan | Posted in General Questions on

Hey all — still working through some wall details on a new build in CZ 6. Thinking through my two current options:

1. Regular Zip sheathing taped and rolled

2. OSB (or potentially plywood) with Prosoco Spray Wrap MVP (not the Cat 5 as it is insanely expensive and I honestly don’t know how anyone is affording that).

Out of these two assemblies:
– Which seems more more airtight and watertight and durable?
– From your experience, which would likely be more affordable on materials only? (for labor, I would personally apply the Prosoco products). I know that all the tapes and such add up on the zip assembly as well. When I run the numbers, they come out pretty much the same

Other pros and cons? Would love to hear it.

And if anyone has another preferred fluid applied — it’s all on the table. I just found that the Spray Wrap MVP is listed at a reasonable price point. Open to Tremco, Polywall, etc. 


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  1. matthew25 | | #1

    The STPE products are supposed to be better, but just going purely off of the spec sheets I think Tremco ExoAir 230 seems the best. 25 mil dry thickness, 12 month UV exposure, pretty darn cheap. I know Prosoco R-guard is only 12 mils WET, probably much thinner than that once dry. UT Durability Lab found that thickness is the number one determining factor for longevity. Also, Tremco Dymonic had excellent results in the Walsh Construction wingnut testing of sealants. I promise I’m not a Tremco salesman but I haven’t seen why STPE products are worth their higher cost yet. Also, because they are more viscous you need a stronger pint sprayer to apply them. Tremco only requires an electric sprayer.

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