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    Double-Stud Wall: Floor-Truss Connection

    Together, double-stud walls and floor trusses make an efficient building assembly. Double-stud walls offer a thermally broken wall option that can be easily adapted to meet performance needs in many…

  • Detail Library

    Double-Stud Wall: Door Head and Jamb with Furring

    Double-stud walls are a great way to create a thick, well-insulated wall with very little thermal bridging as part of an energy-efficient home. They don’t require designers and builders to…

  • Q&A Spotlight

    How to Install Tile Over Concrete

    An uncoupling membrane can prevent cracks in a slab from affecting tile or grout

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    Building Plans for Advanced Framing

    How to Add Energy Efficiency to Rough Framing: Reduce thermal bridging with less lumber and more insulation — energy efficiency and comfort are bonuses ADVANCED FRAMING DETAILS IN THIS PACKAGE:…