Interior Stains and Finishes

Clear finishes protect woodwork against aging, scratches, moisture, and the chemicals found in common cleaners. There are a number of finish options available, from natural, low-toxic products primarily used on residential woodwork through factory-applied finishes where added durability is required, such as those used on cabinetry or commercial architectural millwork. The current South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) limit for VOC emissions from clear finishes is 275 g/l, 250 g/l for stains, and 730 g/l for shellac. The environmental and health burden of these VOCs varies, however. Shellac uses ethanol (alcohol) as a solvent, for instance, which is far less toxic than toluene and xylene used in some lacquers. Many products that require a solvent now use VOCs exempt from regulation, such as acetone. Those aren’t always safe, though.

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Products in Interior Stains and Finishes

Benjamin Moore & Co.
ECOS Organic Paints
PolyWhey Furniture Finish
Vermont Natural Coatings
The Sansin Corporation
Target Coatings, Inc.
Woodtone Series Concentrated Tints
Vermont Natural Coatings
E3 Coatings, Inc.
The Real Milk Paint Co. LLC