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59 Answers

I wonder why folks fear to use their real names?
Did you learn this at another forum?

Interested Onlooker (for instance)
I have read many,many good comments by you and others.
Why do you fear to use your name?

What is the WORST that could happen?

I have never heard of anything "bad" happening to anyone for posting their name.
I don't get it.

Are you afraid that Robert or Steve plan to "poke you in the eye"?
(smiley face)

Or Perhaps you will explode?

I think there is something unfriendly about not sharing your name.

In General questions | Asked By John Brooks | Nov 20 10
35 Answers

In another thread, my choice for HVAC was appropriately questioned. The system seems inordinately complex, costly, and convoluted. At least, on the surface. But digging deeper, the reasoning behind the design becomes clear. But, does that make it right? Is this the best HVAC design, or is it redundant and wasteful?

Here are the pertinents:
• Climate Zone 6
• 2700 sq. ft. finished space in story-and-a-half (bungalow style) house
• 2000 sq. ft. unfinished basement (future completion for aging parents)
• 4 Bdrm, 3 ½ bath house
• Tight, highly insulated home

In Mechanicals | Asked By Kent Jeffery | Apr 16 14
7 Answers

In building a home in zone 4 (western NC), I am interested in determining the better way to go to create an effective air barrier:

Outside in:

Option 1: Hardie, 1 x 4 Furring for 3/4" Rainscreen Gap, 2" Roxul ComfortBoard IS, #30 Felt, 1/2" MgO Sheathing, 2 x 6 Stud Wall with 5 1/2" of Roxul ComfortBatt in the Cavities, 1/2" Mgo Wall Board using the Airtight Drywall Approach

In Green building techniques | Asked By Stacey Owens | Apr 17 14
1 Answer

I am replacing a 30 year old plastic bubble skylight as part of a major remodel. The skylight is located a flat (low slope) roof in a typical Chicago small residential building and serves a third floor bathroom. The skylight will not be openable.

I have searched this site, the web, and the manufacturer's installation information, but am still unsure how to orient the skylight to maximize its benefits, while reducing drawbacks, like unwanted heat in Summer. It appears that the only requirement is that the skylight be installed at a slope greater than 15 degrees.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Dan Nehm | Apr 19 14
1 Answer

I am renovating my house, installing solar panels and getting rid of my gas forced hot air system and replacing with mini-splits (very small home < 1000 sq feet)
I would like to install an energy efficient heating system in the bathroom (about 6' x 8') as I'm not sure the heat will effectively get there, plus I like to have a separate zone for the bath for the usual reasons. i had thought about electric radiant heat in the floor but have heard that can be quite an energy drain.
Do people have a suggestion for a very small heating unit for this purpose?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By maggie wilbur | Apr 19 14
13 Answers

We are looking at insulating an older home that has poor insulation (original part of the house 1850, additions in 1970) and are tempted by this Tripolymer product. The owner of the company claims that it is a 'green' product with no health risks. I can't find any information to the contrary as all the sites I'm coming up with are sponsored by foam companies. Do you have any information on the potential downside of this foam insulation? (PS: CL&P, our electric supplier is offering a $1 per foot cash back for insulating older homes, so there is a significant savings to us if we do it).

In Green products and materials | Asked By Amanda Cordano | Mar 13 10
10 Answers

First, I'd like to thank the many pros and contributors here at GBA. I have been reading and learning for quite some time. Thank you all, first for caring about green building, and second, for being willing to share your time and expertise.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Stacey Owens | Mar 31 14
0 Answers

Hey folks, been reading the site for a while during our planning process and its time to start asking some questions.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Erik Schmitt | Apr 19 14
0 Answers

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