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Termite control in buildings has traditionally been accomplished with pesticides—in the past with chlordane and heptachlor, and more recently with chlorpyrifos. With all of these pesticides no longer in use because of health and environmental concerns, there's tremendous interest in alternatives. Products listed here include totally nontoxic termite barrier systems as well as less toxic, or more precisely targeted, chemical treatments. Termite barriers and full-control bait systems are generally quite expensive.

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Feb 2, 2010 5:58 PM ET

Green Alternatives
by Dru

I like the bait stations like sentricon - compared to chemical applications. Would be cool to see an article comparing all the termite bait station systems. For example Whitmire Micro-gen has a termite bait station system, as do many others. We offer pet and child friendly pest control in Raleigh, NC and it would be nice to have the best recommendations available to those who are looking for green termite alternatives.