Residential Toilets

Toilet flushing accounts for up to 40% of water use in most residential buildings, making it the single largest water user. In turn, the opportunity for water savings from installing efficient toilets, and from toilet replacement, is significant. In addition to improvements to the traditional gravity system, pressure- and vacuum-assisted flushing systems have been developed that offer superior performance, albeit often with some increase in flushing noise.

GreenSpec refers to the EPA WaterSense High Efficiency Toilet (HET) specification, which applies to all types of residential toilets and encompasses the following aspects of performance:

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Jan 20, 2010 6:26 PM ET

Buy American
by Tom Winder

Can anyone provide information regarding which manufacturers' products can qualify under Buy American provisions. In this case, I need a product that is assembled in America; components do not necessarily have to be made in America as long as the assembly is accomplished in America.