Certainteed AirRenew Gypsum Board

Credit: CertainTeed Corporation

What makes this product green?

  • Prevents moisture or air quality problems


An additive in AirRenew wallboard reacts with formaldehydeChemical found in many building products; most binders used for manufactured wood products are formaldehyde compounds. Reclassified by the United Nations International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) in 2004 as a “known human carcinogen." and other aldehydes in indoor air, trapping it in the gypsum core in a form that makes the formaldehyde chemically harmless after absorption, according to CertainTeed. The company won't reveal its formula, but it uses a chemical formaldehyde scavenger, similar to those sometimes added to wood products to decrease formaldehyde offgassing. AirRenew is visually and structurally identical to standard paper-faced wallboard, and is installed the same way. Because the chemical reaction depends on vapor flow through the walls, only breathable wallpapers and latex paints should be applied to AirRenew. Based on a typical formaldehyde concentration in indoor air of 4–18 parts per billion, the manufacturer thinks the gypsum core could continue to absorb aldehydes for 75 years. AirRenew incorporates the company’s “M2Tech” treatment, which includes an undisclosed antimicrobial biocideChemicals toxic to microorganisms. Biocides, which include pesticides and antimicrobial agents, are used in paint, building materials, and floor coverings to kill bacteria, mold spores, insects, etc. for mold prevention. GreenSpec frowns upon the use of biocides in broad-based applications like these.

Manufacturer Information

CertainTeed Corporation
750 E. Swedesford Rd.
P.O. Box 860
Valley Forge, PA 19482
Phone: 610-341-7000
Fax: 610-341-7777
Toll-free: 800-233-8990

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