fibreC Fiberglass-Reinforced Concrete

fibreC Fiberglass-Reinforced Concrete

Credit: Rieder Smart Elements GmbH

What makes this product green?

  • Low-emitting
  • Reduces material use
  • Durable or low-maintenance


fibreC, made by the Austrian company Rieder, is a non-structural lightweight concrete panel used for exterior rainscreenConstruction detail appropriate for all but the driest climates to prevent moisture entry and to extend the life of siding and sheathing materials; most commonly produced by installing thin strapping to hold the siding away from the sheathing by a quarter-inch to three-quarters of an inch. claddingMaterials used on the roof and walls to enclose a house, providing protection against weather. and interior floors and surfaces in commercial and residential applications. fibreC uses concrete and three layers of fiberglass for reinforcement. By replacing steel reinforcement with fiberglass, the product has advantages over traditional concrete cladding. It is lighter, thinner, withstands flex, and can even be molded into different shapes. And since there is no steel to corrode, the panels are expected to last 50 years. Though these panels use a high proportion of portland cement, they are far thinner so use less than thicker concrete products. Rieder offers five different fibreC products: FibreC Facade, 3D Facade, Öko Skin, Interior, and Special—a new flexible, modular material. Ten different tints are available (added before curing), two textures, as well as graffiti-resistant surfaces.

Manufacturer Information

Rieder Smart Elements GmbH
International Sales
Mühlenweg 22
A-5751 Maishofen,
Phone: +43 (0)6542 690 844
Fax: +43 (0)6542 690 855

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