Kenmore Elite Hybrid Electric Water Heater

Credit: Sears

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  • Energy-conserving equipment


Kenmore’s Elite Hybrid Electric Water Heater, available in 60- and 80-gallon models, combines heat pumpHeating and cooling system in which specialized refrigerant fluid in a sealed system is alternately evaporated and condensed, changing its state from liquid to vapor by altering its pressure; this phase change allows heat to be transferred into or out of the house. See air-source heat pump and ground-source heat pump. technology with two electrical heating elements. Both models are 24" wide; the 60-gallon stands 67.3” tall with a first hour delivery of 68 gallons, and the 80-gallon stands 80.9” tall with a first hour delivery of 84 gallons. The 60-gallon model has an efficiency factor of 2.4, and the 80-gallon model a factor of 2.3. The Elite offers four operating modes and uses R134a refrigerant.

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  • Energy Star - Heat Pump Water Heaters

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3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
Toll-free: 847-286-2500

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