The Rainwater HOG

The Rainwater HOG

Credit: Rainwater HOG

What makes this product green?

  • Conserves water
  • Pre-consumer recycled content
  • Renewable energy equipment
  • Reduces stormwater pollution
  • Increases resilience


The Rainwater HOG is a modular rainwater storage tank for use in tight spaces such as under decks, against houses, or even within walls. Made from food-grade virgin polyethylene, each module holds 47.6 gallons of water for use in gardening, irrigation, toilets, and laundry, or as potable water (after proper filtration). If not being installed—or likely to be adapted—for potable water, tanks can be ordered made from non-food-grade polyethylene that includes 15% recycled content. When installed within a building envelopeExterior components of a house that provide protection from colder (and warmer) outdoor temperatures and precipitation; includes the house foundation, framed exterior walls, roof or ceiling, and insulation, and air sealing materials., the tanks can serve as thermal storage for passive solar heating systems. These 71" x 19.5" x 8.5" tanks can be installed horizontally or vertically, and they can be ganged in series. They come with inlet screens, elbow vents, and overflow valves. Rainwater HOG is available as a stand-alone tank that is plumbed into the downspout or as part of a complete rainwater harvesting system called Rainwater Rescue, which combines the Rainwater HOG tank with GLI Systems’ RainTube roof-level water collector. Standard colors include bronze or olive green, but other colors are available for orders of 20 or more units. Rainwater HOG comes with a one-year guarantee.

Manufacturer Information

Rainwater HOG
402 Redwood Ave.
Corte Madera, CA 94925
Toll-free: 888-700-1096

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