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What makes this product green?

  • Renewable energy equipment
  • Energy-conserving equipment


The SunChiller provides air cooling as a primary output, with space and water heating also possible. The system uses vacuum-tube heat-pipe solar thermal collectors to heat water, which drives an absorption chiller to provide cooling. Water serves as the "refrigerant," avoiding the use of ozone-depleting compounds. A SunChiller can be used in a hybrid system to provide space heating and water heating in addition to absorption cooling. The system can be configured to provide solar-powered absorption cooling during electrical peak hours, with a more conventional electric chiller taking over during lower-cost off-peak hours. The system combines vacuum-tube solar-thermal collectors, an insulated storage tank, a single-effect water-heated absorption chiller, a cooling tower, an energy management system, and air handler. It is available as an integrated system for commercial buildings requiring air conditioning capacity of at least 10 tons.

Manufacturer Information

Sun Chiller
220 S. Kenwood St., Ste. 305
Glendale, CA 91205-1671
Phone: 818-240-4500
Fax: 818-240-4501

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