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4 Answers

Wood choices for exterior use (siding & decking) - Green pro's and cons?

I'm working on a project to rehab and convert a garage building to a studio and living space and am looking at options for exterior wood siding and decking.

I will be using Hardie Panels with reveal strips for much of the siding, however there are some areas I would like to use a clear finished wood siding for an accent. In addition I'm building a small ground level deck and want to match the decking to the siding wood. The totally square footage of wood being used fairly low at around 500 sq. ft.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Kevin Hardy | May 11 13
3 Answers

Communicate with subs prior to getting bids?

New Construction, Zone 4b, 50"+ precipitation

In addition to structural details on my plans, I am adding a whole page dedicated to emphasizing the priority of an airtight envelope. All details related to air barrier, flashing, wrb, and insulation, with exploded views in many cases.

I want to add a “Project Note to All Trades” on this page. I am asking for suggestions for what it should say.

For example: “All penetrations in the envelope must have prior approval by the builder.”


In Project management | Asked By David McNeely | Jun 4 13
4 Answers

Window choice problem with new Canadian regulations

When I get my current house sold I will be building a 1240 sq ft, single-level house for me and my wife. It will be very close to Passivhaus and also close to Net Zero. I used to build energy efficient houses in Ireland prior to coming to Canada in 2007 and this proposed place will be built similar.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Ray Smith | Jun 2 13
2 Answers

Advice for wall construction of my tiny house?

I am currently building a tiny house on a trailer, and while I did purchase plans from someone, the plans have since proved questionable, so I would like a second opinion on the wall system I plan on using. I live in a cold climate, so please keep that in mind.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Brittany GIbeau | Jun 1 13
4 Answers

Nailbase SIP vs. rigid foam retrofit cost?

Posed question before about doing 4" of rigid foam on sheathing of 2X4 walls. Been reading and am interested in possibility of nailbase SIPs from company like Premier SIPs. These sound like wonderful products (I'm a big fan of SIP construction).

In Green products and materials | Asked By Matt Tackett | Jun 1 13
2 Answers

Would like comments comparing 5-ply waterproof plywood with Huber ZIP wall and roof sheathing

I will be building a U.S. EPA Energy Star to be certified home, (24'x40'), and am trying to decide upon the best sheathing for the walls and roof.

The proposed configuration for these two are:

1. Walls (2x6, 16" OC): vinyl siding, mesh rain screen, 3/4" foil faced polyisocyanate rigid foam (taped), either 5/8" 5-ply waterproof plywood or 5/8" Huber ZIP sheathing (both taped), 3 1/2 - 4" closed-cell spray foam, remainder of 2x6 cavity with open cell spray foam, sheetrock.

In Green products and materials | Asked By JOSEPH POLAND | Jun 1 13
1 Answer

Mixed/Hot/Humid Climate .... a Video of Interest

Kudos to Matt Risinger ....an excellent video

In Mechanicals | Asked By John Brooks | Jun 1 13
2 Answers

Cost-effective flooring over slab?

Our in-laws have an slab foundation and wood flooring mostly -- but not in the entryway -- leaving a 1 3/4" elevation difference. To make it more wheelchair accessible, we would like raise the entryway floor elevation to more closely match the wood floor.

In Green products and materials | Asked By Patrick Walshe | Jun 1 13
7 Answers

Attic ventilation question for Joe

I have an area above my detached garage that I am trying to finish off into an apartment. I am looking to get some input on the best way to go about venting the attic. The problem I am having is that on one side of the building the roof has a fairly steep pitch (45 degrees), and is used as the interior wall up to the ceiling height at which point it opens up to an attic. My current plan is to use furring strips and 1/4" plywood to make 2" deep vents under the roof. I was then planning to fill in the rafters under this with R21 cotton batt insulation.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Mark Schuster | May 30 13
1 Answer

Root cellar construction advice -- concrete additive?

Hello! This summer we are building a greenhouse addition with an underground root cellar attached. In one of the root cellar books I read, they recommend Everdure Caltite as an additive in concrete to make the foundation waterproof. What are your recommendations?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Leah Marshquist | May 31 13
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