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2 Answers

Insulating an unheated basement garage

Hi guys.

I have been framing out and insulating my basement garage. One side wall and the rear wall are below grade and I've built/framed one wall so far. I've used R-10 2" of rigid foam on that wall and framed it out. I was going to use unfaced batts and then cover with drywall. I am also insulating the ceiling with rigid foam and using sprayfoam to air seal the edges and then use batts for the rest of the ceiling. Our master bedroom is above the garage.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Dean | Jan 2 16
1 Answer

Roof stack plan for home with log purlins in Climate Zone 6

Hello Martin and Dana:

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Mark | Jan 2 16
5 Answers

Insulating rim joists between first and second floor

We're putting a second floor on our home. The builder used composite wood i-beams between the first and second floors. The builder said they don't plan to insulate the ends of the i-beams (rim joists?) along the edges of the house. There's no other insulation between the first and second floors, in between the i-beams. I found this article that talks about using spray foam to insulate rim joists: http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/fine-homebuilding/best-way-insulate-...

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Michael Caruso | Jan 2 16
8 Answers

High indoor humidity

I've been trying to lower the indoor humidity in my 1961 stone ranch. On average in the master bedroom, the relative humidity hovers between 70-75% with an average temperature of 61 degrees. This has made for an unpleasant winter to say the least.

In General questions | Asked By Nick C | Jan 1 16
11 Answers

Balancing an HRV

Our HRV is installed, the ducting sealed, and the wall/ceiling diffusers are in place. I still need to balance the system so i armed myself with a couple of flow grids and a magnehelic gauge.

The balancing equipment seems somewhat straightforward (i hope) but my question is about the diffusers: where do i begin the balancing procedure? with the diffusers off? on but fully open? on but half open?

here are 6 diffusers: 2 in the crawlspace, exhausts in the kitchen and bathroom, and supplies in the bedroom and living room...thanks again

In General questions | Asked By erik olofsson | Jun 10 13
0 Answers

Regarding my recent question on formaldehyde in plywood sub- flooring

Thanks to all respondents!


In Green products and materials | Asked By john nolan | Jan 2 16
4 Answers

Formaldehyde-free flooring?

good morning
is there an alternative to plywood flooring?
Formaldahyde in plywwod has me spooked.

thanks for any suggestions!

In Green products and materials | Asked By John | Jan 1 16
5 Answers

REMOTE wall without bituthane

I've been searching and have not found an answer yet. Does anyone have any experience with, or related articles, for substituting, say, Solitex Mento Plus for bituthane in a REMOTE wall? This assumes the plywood sheathing would be taped and goo'd for an air barrier. I'm just not sure about water vapor travel causing problems somewhere. Any opinions on the idea? Thanks. j

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By John | Dec 31 15
8 Answers

Will my crawlspace help temper passive solar gain?

My wife and I are having a 2100 sf house designed based off of rough sketches I put together. We are building in Squamish BC, Zone 4C. I have a relatively simple east/west shape and simple shed roof design. I'm shooting for R30+ wall, R50 roof and am now doing my best to dial my designer back on his suggested window layout. He really likes glass and currently has the overall Window to Floor Ratio (WFR) around 30%.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Sean Bickerton | Dec 29 15
7 Answers

Does earth coupling work?

I've purchased a city lot in Tucson, AZ and plan to build a tight, well insulated home on a concrete slab-on-grade within the next few years. It's a hot, dry climate with 1578 HDD, 3017 CDD, so obviously keeping the house cool is the big concern.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Michael McNulty | May 20 13
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