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15 Answers

Radiant Flooring / GeoThermal / Solar

- We are building a house and are putting radiant flooring on both floors between the joists.
- We will install solar panels after we are finished building.
- Our house will be a tight house with the Atlas LCi-SS system installed in place of the OSB, PolyISO and wrap.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Michael England | Feb 27 16
3 Answers

Framing partition walls in bonus room area....Is truss uplift a problem?

Climate Zone 6A

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Rick Van Handel | Feb 29 16
9 Answers

Conditioning converted under house space/ averages 70% RH

I'll give a little info before question. I'm working on a house in Cal. Bay Area. Crawl space was partially dug out creating a 12x30 room into hillside with another 300 sq' of crawl space 5' in height down to 2'. Crawl was originally vented via foundation vents. House has sub-drainage system of separate solid and perforated to manage roof and foundation bulk water. Unfortunately crawl rat slabs were poured on grade with no vapor barriers. Room slab was poured 5" on 6" of gravel with no vapor barrier. Concrete mix was batched with Xypex. Area averages 70% RH.

In General questions | Asked By carl haberberger | Feb 27 16
24 Answers

High-R wall in Zone 7: Roxul OK? Are there potential moisture problems with deep Roxul walls and existing siding?

I have a cabin in the mountains of Colorado (zone 7; 9,200 ft altitude). Yes, it gets cold here, and the heating season is long. Last snow can be as late as the first week of June. First snow often the first week of September. Many wonderful, sunny days in between though, and I tell people the summers are incredibly beautiful up here - the best month and a half you'll ever see.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Robert Smith | Feb 27 16
8 Answers

Proper order of sheathing, flangeless windows, WRB, and rainscreen?

I am set to sheath my house after getting all of the double studs finished. I know there have been hundreds of articles on how to flash windows and it seems JLC and Fine Homebuilding magazines feature a "new and improved" method every month, but I was hoping to get some feedback on my particular situation.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Jimmy Nguyen | Feb 25 16
7 Answers

Range hood vent through roof or gable end?

Claimed 760 max cfm range hood. I suspect 300 cfm actual will be closer to the truth. Make-up air issues aside, 6" round, mastic sealed metal duct can go:
-up 7 feet (5 feet from ventilated attic floor) and out through 4:12 roof facing prevailing winds or
-up 2 feet, 90 degree elbow and 15 feet out gable end which is parallel to prevailing winds.
My inclination is to leave the roof undisturbed and perhaps avoid force-fed cold air leaking past the damper. Good plan or not?
Climate zone 4a, NJ

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Peter Byar | Feb 26 16
1 Answer

Vinyl windows!

Hi, I am planning to built my new house at Toronto. In my present rented house, the windows are of wood. From these years of my stay in this house, I have felt wooden frames are very much prone to moisture. During the winter season there is a good amount of icing on the glasses that it blocks the view. When I researched on the various types of window materials, I found vinyl windows are the better among all other window materials in terms of quality and cost.

In Interior design | Asked By Phyllis J Beard | Feb 28 16
5 Answers

Best natural gas water heater for inside a home’s envelope?

Climate - 5a
Air-sealed R32 walls.

My clients are looking for the best 50 gal. natural gas water heater for the home we're building them.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Nethaniel Ealy | Feb 25 16
9 Answers

Martin's recent article "Combining Exterior Rigid Foam With Fluffy Insulation"

Hello All,

This is a question regarding outboard and inboard insulation and Martin's recent article "Combining Exterior Rigid Foam With Fluffy Insulation".

I'm up in Canada - vapour barriers are the norm.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Mitchell Daniels | Feb 26 16
3 Answers

Keep the old duct layout or switch to two branches?

Trunk A has rotted out and is filled with nasty old fiberglass lining, so I need to replace it. While I am at it, I wonder if I would get better performance from registers, if I also replaced the 8X8 existing branch with two 8" branches straight off the trunk.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Apollo S | Feb 26 16
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