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11 Answers

Double stud wall with flash-and-fill insulation?

I've been busy reading in the Q&A forum for the past year and a half, but just recently started posting some questions as our project nears - hope I'm not wearing out my welcome. Can't believe how responsive its been - thanks Martin. I keep reevaluating our possibilities for our wall and insulation assemblies, though.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Brian W | Jun 10 15
2 Answers

Zone 4 interior basement insulation in relation to dimple board

I have an interior waterproofing solution installed and now I'd like to finish my wall. What isn't clear to me is how to account for the couple of inches of dimple board/miradrain material that is showing at the bottom of the wall. Do I merely cut the XPS foam to end above this dimple board? If so, should I be worried about any fiber insulation in the framing touching the surface of the dimple board and should I still seal the bottom of the XPS board? Or do I extend the foam just long enough to tuck into the top of my dimple board? If so, do I use tape at that seam or just leave it open?

In General questions | Asked By S H | Jun 11 15
10 Answers

Housewrap over exterior foam - flashing detail

I read the two articles, one being 'where to place the housewrap' and the other was http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/innie-windows-or-...

The method I will use is an outie window. Not 100% sure, but I will either a.) install house wrap over the foam or b.) have it under and over the foam.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Nicholas C | Jun 6 15
3 Answers

Steel SIP manufacturers

Anyone know of steel SIP manufacturers on the west coast? Or Hawaii?
I can't seem to find any there.



In Green products and materials | Asked By Brian Whidden | Jun 8 15
3 Answers

Steel SIPs

I know that a steel stud dosent provide a thermal break. However this company seems to have
resolved that issue.
They put 2 steel studs opposite each other on the flat, with foam in between.
Any info on this type of SIP's would be appreciated.



In Green products and materials | Asked By Brian Whidden | Jun 8 15
2 Answers

Toilet stack alternatives

I've recently realized that air admittance valves have generally become
more permitted by code and help reduce the number of roof penetrations,
but they likely still won't do for a sealed system [on-property septic]
as any positive pressure has to have *somewhere* to go. Thus, as far
as I know code only permits AAVs for branches but not the main stack;
there has to be *someplace* for the sewer gas and its attendant
condensation to escape. [Is that also true for systems piped into
city sewers, which would eliminate the pressure problem?]

In Building Code Questions | Asked By Hobbit _ | Jun 10 15
1 Answer

Need input: House location on site, soil compaction, grade changes, retaining wall

I would like your input regarding the house location on my site plan (I am the owner).

My considerations:

1) Southern exposure vs. street angle so we oriented 15 degree from true south. I am happy about this decision and I think the landscape architect is capable to make the landscape work with this orientation.

2) Main unresolved challenge:

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Ying Li | Jun 7 15
1 Answer

Solar Path Finding

Hello friends,

Am planning to build a two-floor house with the bedrooms downstairs and a media room upstairs in Southeast PA - 3500 square feet.

I would like to incorporate the concepts of passive heating and cross-ventilation.

How does one find the optimal direction to orient the home? Is there solar path information online that is especially useful.

Also would passive solar homes always look unusual. How do you suggest one incorporate these concepts in a traditional-looking home?


In PassivHaus | Asked By Bella Victor | Jun 10 15
9 Answers

Wall construction for 5,000 sq. ft. full masonry home in Chicago

Hello there,

I am a homebuilder and I am about to start framing next week on a 5000 SF home. I am looking to build the home as efficiently as possible while staying within my clients budget.

This is what I am planning so far:

Exterior Walls: 2x6 Exterior Walls with 1/2" OSB exterior Sheathing and 2" Ridgid Foam Exterior Sheathing

Question: How does the 2" rigid foam work with a full masonry exterior? Would I hold my 2x6 walls 2" in from the rim board to have the foam sitting on top of the floor and flush with the rim board?

In Green building techniques | Asked By Aladdin Nassar | Jun 9 15
9 Answers

I would like to replace the shingles with metal roofing on my older Panabode cottage

I plan to install nailbase and new metal roofing on my log home.

I found this answer provided to a similar earlier question:

In General questions | Asked By Barney de Schneider | Jun 3 15
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