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6 Answers

Soy vs. cellulose

Which is less toxic? R factors are the same for open cell?

In General questions | Asked By LAURA ASHLOCK | May 10 14
3 Answers

Exterior Below Grade Spray Foam


I'm curious what the group thinks about exterior below grade spray foam. The current proposed basement insulation solution is to apply 3" of Closed Cell Spray Foam directly to the exterior of the poured concrete foundation wall. The foam will be protected with drainage mat prior to back filling.


In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Howard Road | May 8 14
6 Answers

Should I get a reverse cycle air conditioner or a ducted gas heater for my new home?

I live in Perth Australia and I am building a SIPS Home, so it will be well insulated. I am concerned about heating the bottom story. I will install PV"s to offset some of my electricity costs. I hate being cold in the winter, but money is a big issue, so want to get the most heat for my money.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Rowena FORBES | May 8 14
2 Answers

How does wall insulation work, and will cellulose insulation mold?

I am in the design phase of a small house approx 800 s/f, and have been planning on using 2x8" walls with staggered 2x4" studs. For insulation I am planning on wet blown in cellulose. I will have osb on the exterior, with Tyvek or some other vapor/moisture barrier and drywall/sheetrock on the interior, with no rigid foam. These walls should be pretty close to R-30,. In the attic, loose blown in to around R 40 to 50. I live in N. Colorado in zone 5B, and although we barely know what humidity is, winter temps can be -20F and summer temps +100F.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Curt Lyons | May 8 14
1 Answer

Is anyone having issues with Benjamin Moore Aura paint?

Like the smell not dissapating?

In General questions | Asked By Shelley Davis | May 8 14
1 Answer

Can this product be used over an exterior brick wall?

I am planning an expansion of my bedroom and there are two existing brick covered wallls and I will be adding two conventional SIPs walls and a SIPs roof.to complete the room with the exisitng walls. The walls to be covered are 16 feet and 22 feet. I haven't measured the height yet.

In Green building techniques | Asked By JOHN HAWTHORNE | May 9 14
1 Answer

... quiet floors ...

Home Depot just substituted our order of 1000 sq ft of db4looring with a product called Floor Muffler and told my sub there is no difference. I looked up the MSDS and find that 100 sq ft roll of db4looring weighs 75 lbs while 100 sq ft of Floor Muffler weighs under 4 lbs. Yes, less than 4 lbs. I did a double take too.

In Interior design | Asked By flitch plate | May 9 14
1 Answer

Cascadia vs. Geisler windows: How should we decide?

Geisler is less expensive but made in Poland so warranty response could be very complex. Cascadia is made in British Columbia and I live in Washington state. Any opinions on quality/experience with these companies?

In Green products and materials | Asked By Jacque Hyler | May 9 14
2 Answers

Rigid foam on the exterior of a house

If I am planning on using 2 inches of foil faced polysio on the exterior of a house am I better of using two layers of 1 inch foam so that I can stagger the seams?

Thanks for your comments

In Green building techniques | Asked By Randy Mason | May 9 14
2 Answers

Is this insulation plan any good?

Here's what my builder is proposing:
R-21 High Density batts covered with .003 plastic for all 2x6 sidewalls.
R- 49 17” fiberglass blown in house ceiling.
R-15 for garage stud walls.
R-19 7’’ blown in garage ceiling.
R-21 Kraft batts for basement stud walls.
Cell foam around all penetrations and box seal.
Tyvek building wrap exterior walls.

I think the 3 mil plastic on the exterior walls is a vapor barrier required by code.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By tim evans | May 9 14
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