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3 Answers

Proper underlayment for unvented asphalt roof

I recently purchased a house in suburban NYC. The roof is currently two-layers asphalt shingles with the most recent layer about 27 years old. We have been told and seen evidence of ice dams from the prior winter (lots of snow in Jan 2014). The primary area of the ice damming was in a cricket connection of a covered deck to the house which we have been told by various roofers was improperly built. We do not have the option of correcting the flawed design. We will be putting a new roof on within the next couple of weeks and need to determine the best design.

In General questions | Asked By K Thomps | Nov 14 14
117 Answers

What is the greenest and best material to use for indoor plumbing?

I read that PEX and copper are not the best. Then if PVC is used to bring city water to my home, does that contribute to any chemical leakage? Should I make my plumbing out of natural materials?

What is the best and for how long will it last?

In Green products and materials | Asked By J FARNOCCHIA | Nov 1 14
7 Answers

I'm trying to figure out a fastening detail for an assembly with Warmboard and rigid insulation.

What do you think of the following fastening options? Or is there another method I should consider?

1. Wood Blocking in Metal Deck, Fastening to decking below
2. Fastening through to metal deck
3. Z Purlin Fastening to metal deck

Images shown in order of options listed below:

In Green building techniques | Asked By Heather Gayle Holdridge | Nov 12 14
2 Answers

This may be a problem...

I read the GBA news item that an Arizona agency recently said that smart meters were not a danger to anyone. This has me worried. Up until I read that I hadn't the slightest doubt that they were safe. I maybe showing my age but this gives me the same feeling I got when a certain president said "I am not a crook!".

In General questions | Asked By Eric Habegger | Nov 13 14
1 Answer

Regarding air sealing of sheetrock.

I notice the heavy emphasis on sealing and caulking sheet rock at all joints. I always thought that once the sheet rock is taped and mudded that it would be airtight. What am I missing in my understanding of this newer technique? I live in Minnesota and it is common here to use a poly vapor barrier instead of this caulking method. What should we be doing here in our arctic like climate?

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By terrance kaase | Nov 14 14
30 Answers

Efficient HVAC with only electric

Good morning,

I recently moved into a home on the south shore in the Boston area and am interested in improving on the electric resistance baseboards that we currently have.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jeff Sheridan | Nov 7 14
4 Answers

REMOTE-like with felt/asphalt paper?

Could you do well with a REMOTE wall assembly in which, instead of the Hi-tech membranes, you just use Felt Paper? In Chile I don't have access to Grace products or Tyvek Drainwrap. The only other options I have are Tyvek Housewrap, Typar, or Tyvek Soft.


In Green products and materials | Asked By Jose Castro | Nov 14 14
22 Answers

Choosing a heating system for a new build

Hey all. I've been plugging away at designing my new house, and now that I've been running running Beopt, and a Manual J spreadsheet for a while, its time to decide how to heat/cool the place.

Build will be in upstate NY zone 6, zip code 13439 design temp -6F electricity $0.13 kwh

House will be 28x40 with 192 ft^2 of glass facing east (bottom of attached floorplan) basement will be walkout on east end, Roof is 12/12

In Mechanicals | Asked By Trevor Chadwick | Nov 11 14
6 Answers

Heating a vacant home

We live in Halifax Nova Scotia and planning to leaving for a 5 Month stay in Florida. Ouir house will be vacant. We have a mini heat pump installed and our home is very well insulated and tight.
I lke to leave some heat on so I plan on leaving the heat pump running at 65f in the basement backed up by our electric baseboard heat set at 50F. All other thermostats will be turned off. The house is 3 story about 2700Sq Ft.
We also have a HRV.
Should we leave our HRV on?
Can you advise be on my overall plan?
Thank you

In General questions | Asked By Jim Westlake | Nov 13 14
3 Answers

Site tools

Is there an "ignore" and report a post link most sites have? The ignore list adds members so you don't have to read their post, for example you find most of a members post are of no value or annoying. The report link for members that continuously high jack or take threads off topic degrading the quality of info on GBA.

How about emoticons for better communications?

In General questions | Asked By Terry Lee | Nov 12 14
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