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4 Answers

Can I get the name of an appraiser in the New Orleans area who is appraises homes with "green" technologies?

I am getting ready to sell my home. I live in Mandeville, Louisiana, right outside of New Orleans. I want to get my home appraised, and would like to have someone who knows about green technologies. When I built my cottage six and a half years ago, I used as many green technologies as I could afford - foam insulation, a white metal roof, Hardy board, trex on the porch and deck, etc.

Thanks for any information that you can provide!


Vera Clay

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Vera Clay | Apr 17 16
1 Answer

Can I insulate inside cavities after drywall is up?

I live in a colder climate in a home completed in the 70's. The former owner put drywall up in the basement without insulating in some spots causing cold infiltration. In other areas the wall cavities are only partially filled with fiberglass batt insulation - again leaving cold gaps.

Is there anything I can do to better insulate these areas without having to remove the drywall or the outside cladding on my basement walls?

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Carl Dillon | Apr 18 16
8 Answers

Low/No-VOC PVA glue and Caulk

Hi there,

Just want to be sure I'm not missing anything ---from the reading I've done, it seems that most PVA woodworking glues are fairly nontoxic...We have specified no or low-VOC products for our remodel, but our contractor is not an expert in this area. They want to use Titebond II. It seems like a safe choice. Does anyone agree or have a better suggestion for a carpenter's (wood) glue -- aiming to have a minimal impact on indoor air quality--very limited off gassing.

In GBA Pro help | Asked By Mindy Munger | Aug 14 14
4 Answers

Looking for good quality 3.25" x 10" wall cap with backdraft damper for kitchen exhaust fan - recommendations?

Venting range hood straight out the wall - need a high quality wall cap to keep the cold air out.

In Mechanicals | Asked By Walter Gayeski | Sep 6 12
4 Answers

Cold weather damper for island exhaust

I am looking for advice for a damper on the exhaust-side of my cooktop,island exhaust duct. The fan is 600 cfm and has a gravity damper just above the fan inside the hood meaning the 8" duct between the damper and outside wall is filled with cold air leaking into the kitchen. I am looking into adding a second damper - probably mechanical that is wired to the hood motor, to open and close when the fan is switched on and off. My HRV guy told me to get a Broan MD8. Broan says no. Any help is appreciated. New home, Closed cell. Southern coastal Maine. HRV. Thanks!

In Mechanicals | Asked By Peter Whitman | Apr 18 16
5 Answers

Likely savings from replacing an older heat pump?

This question comes up often in my work. A homeowner has a ~20-year-old 4 or 5-ton single stage R22 heat pump as their primary heating, and it seems to be working fine. What if any savings are available by replacing now with a new 410A unit of the same size? I know there probably isn't a single good answer to this question, and perhaps it's somewhat climate-dependent. I've looked at the specs for various units old and new, and the amp draws don't seem to be that much different for a given capacity, running full speed ahead.

In Mechanicals | Asked By David Meiland | Apr 17 16
7 Answers

Closed-cell spray foam wall assembly

I know this has been circled about many times, but I couldn't find any conversations that were closely related to my issue. I am an architect working on a project that was intended to be passive house, but due to costs and other issues has been down graded a couple of times. Working with a CM we ended up with a wall assembly I am questioning a little bit.

It ends up as folllows:

Metal Siding on,
Roofing felt on,
2" atlas nail board (osb with poly iso R-9 panel) on,
Zip sheathing taped and sealed on,
2x8 wall framing w/
5-1/2" of closed cell spray foam w/
5/8" gwb.

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Philip Chaney | Apr 12 16
2 Answers

Insulation of church roof

Hi, in the process of trying to figure out the best way to insulate the cathedral ceiling in a church conversion. Here are the basics from top down:

-steel roof, 12-15 pitch
-metal is fastened to 3/4 inch strapping
-strapping is on top of 2" foil faced insulation
-1" roof decking
-roof rafters are true 8" on 2' centers
-under decking of roof is not vented

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By jason ross | Apr 17 16
9 Answers

Heat pump water heater + AC + refrigerator combo, someone?

Only wishful thinking ,

has any commercial products come up with a combo of any of the floowing items ??

- heat pump water heater ( tanked )
- heat pump AC
- heat pump heat
- refridgerator/freezer ??

I don't know why, but i think i recall looking at a product a few years ago that
comboed AC and water heater ??? can't find it anymore

what about water heater and refridgerator ?

I'd say, if use the heat generated by refridgerator/freezer pump,
would it make enough to hold up water temp in a tanked WH ??

In Energy efficiency and durability | Asked By Jin Kazama | Jan 7 13
4 Answers

Economical way to insulate small attic

I have a small 8x12 entryway attached to the front of my house. The attic space above it is accessible from the second floor. I want to use it as conditioned storage space.

In Green building techniques | Asked By Brian C | Apr 12 16
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